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How to Remove and Install Thinkpad T400, T420s Fan Heatsink?

Laptop fan error was often caused by the long time of used, too much dust, heat is not good, or have other problems, can be solved by replacing the new fan.

This article tell us how to remove and install Lenovo ThinkPad T400 fan heatsink, it fit for Lenovo ThinkPad T400, T400s and T420s.

For T400 : T400 45N6140, 45N6141, 45N6142, 45N6143, 45N6144, 45N6145, 45N6146, 45N6147, MCF-221PAM05, MCF-225PAM05, UDQFRPR67FFD
For T400s : T400s 60Y4071, 60Y4072, 45N6103, 45N5611, MCF-227PAM05, UDQFVEH20FFD
For T420s : T420s 04W1713, 17E01732, 60.4KF14.001, 60.4KF16.001, BATA0507R5U

4 - 1. removing the screws from the bottom of the laptop ( D Cover ).

Red circle: For remove the 4 screws of the plastic bezels ( C shell ).
Blue circle: For remove the 1 screw of keyboard.
Yellow circle: For remove the 2 screws of U shaped frame.

step 1

4 - 2. When removed screws, now you can remove the keyboard and plastic bezels ( C shell ).

step 2-1

step 2-2

step 2-3

Please pay attention to the touchpad cable and keyboard cable.

4 - 3. Remove the screws from the heatsink.

step 3-1

step 3-2

4 - 4. Installing the new Lenovo T400 fan (Toshiba 45N6146 45N6147 MCF-225PAM05 Discrete or 45N6141 45N6140 MCF-221PAM05 Integrated)

step 4

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