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IBM ThinkPad T43 Heatsink Fan Repair Guide

IBM ThinkPad T43 is an old laptop, but there are many people using it now. After using a long time, laptop CPU cooling fan's blades and radiators may accumulate a lot of dust, this may affect the fan's speed and heat sink effect, the most severe cases can cause the fan error, laptop does not start.

This article teaches us how to remove and install IBM ThinkPad T43 CPU cooling fan. This example is fit for IBM ThinkPad T43, but it is similar to the other models, such as T40 T42 T60 T61 R60 R61 T400 R400 T410 T420.

Step 5 - 1 : Remove IBM ThinkPad T43's battery.

Step 5 - 2 : Remove all the screws on the circle sign.

Step 5 - 3 : Remove the keyboard and C shell cover.

Note: Please be careful the keyboard cable.

Step 5 - 4 : Remove the screws that fit the heatsink (4 pcs) and push the power cable connector.

Step 5 - 5 : Get the heatsink fan.

It is easy to install IBM ThinkPad T43 laptop fan, please refer step 5 - 5 to step 5 -1.

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