News on Laptops: What is Next for Technology?

Laptops were a great business tool for many major corporations back in the day. Now today most every household has two in the USA. Pricing ha driven down for several thousand of dollars to just a few hundred bucks for an entry level laptop.

New laptops vs Used Laptops - Is It Worth The Savings

Entry level laptops are right off a deal for new pricing. Most people can buy one and never have any issues with software or hard drive space. If you are a gamer or one that does graphics then your new laptop maybe closer to the thousand dollar level. Used laptops on the entry level models are ones to skip. At a few hundred dollars new with warranty and fresh loaded operating system from factory it is the way to go. If you are on a fixed income then put it on a credit card and break the payments over a few months to make it affordable. Now the used gaming and higher end models are were you can find deals. used new gaming laptopSome gamers trade in yearly to get that next level graphics card or added memory. You can find refurbished models with limited warranties from many sellers on line and locally. 

Things you should make sure you have in your laptop: memory 4gb is a minimum and 8gb is preferred for general use. Gamers and graphic use 12gb is a minimum and 16gb is preferred. Hard drive space 250gb is a minimum and 500gb is preferred for general use. Gamers and graphic use double up on hard drive space.

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